• Feel like you don't have to spend your spare time cleaning the house?
  • Have more the time to hang out with your friends and family?
  • Explore new hobbies and interests you've never had time for?
  • IDK...maybe take an actual vacation?!
  • Feel like you have it all together?

So...what's holding you back?

Guilt-your grandma gave you that dining room table before she passed away

Minimalism? you don't even know where to start

Ain't nobody got time for that! It would take forever.

Your husband will never get rid of his t-shirt collection from high school.

I would have to spend so much money to organize all my crap

You've spent so much money on stuff. It would be such a waste.


Like, more than you would ever know

But, the longer and longer I let stuff control me the more frustrated and anxious I got. I couldn't take it anymore! I had to do something about all the crap we had accumulated. I think it all started when I was really young. I had the most amazing Mother. She was so selfless. She worked in a factory to provide for her kids, and provide she did. You see, my mom wasn't one for talking about emotions or being affectionate. The way she showed her love is by buying gifts, and judging by the amount of money she spent and gifts she bought for myself and my brothers she reeeally loved us. 

Of course as a child the obvious thing you want from your parents are their time and attention. It wasn't until I got older that I realized she did everything she knew how to do to show us we were loved and taken care for. It's a vicious cycle really. She didn't have "a pot to piss in" as she would say. So of course when she had kids she was going to make sure she gave them all the things she missed out on when she was a kid! I love that about her. I have grown to respect her for what that must've took to overcome her childhood traumas and shortcomings and turn that into a learning experience.

Fast forward to adulting. I'll spare you all the details here but I have just accumulated a lot of stuff to the point of overwhelm. We're not talking like hoarder status or anything, but I got caught in the cycle of buying bigger and bigger houses only to fill them up with stuff I didn't really love and spending time I didn't really want to spend cleaning it. So, I'm done. 

I only buy things I absolutely love now. Getting rid of things is still in progress, but I started this blog as a way to hold myself accountable and maybe help other people along the way. So, I will be documenting the process and hoping to provide value to those no matter where you are in your minimalism journey. I am a creative entrepreneur and photographer, so you will be seeing lots of photographs and video of my journey in hopes to give you some ideas and how-to's and help you with decluttering and minimalizing as well.